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Smart Roaming

Why choose a regular roaming option
when there’s a smarter one?

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What is Smart Roaming?

A smarter roaming feature — it works in countries where making outgoing calls on regular roaming is not available. Not just that, but compared to regular roaming it’s cheaper. Make massive savings on your outgoing calls while travelling abroad. Check out our Delightful smart roaming feature.

How does it work?

To use smart roaming, your phone must be configured for roaming so that you are able to receive incoming calls.

It’s easy to use smart roaming, simply:

  • Send us a message containing the phone number you wish to call.
  • We will then connect your phone with the requested number — your phone will ring within a few seconds.
  • Just pick up your phone to get connected for less. Follow the instructions below.
Going Abroad? Set up Roaming on your phone.

CLICK HERE for instructions or call Customer Service on 202 or 07892111202.

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